Roosevelt Time Line

1852: Olympia School District (OSD) opens its first school

1884: OSD's enrollment exceeds 600 students

1884: Wood-framed school built on west side of Olympia

1893: "Substantial" school built on corner of Madison and Rogers at a cost of $15,000

1897: School year increased from six to nine months

1908: September, Wood-frame Roosevelt school completed. Cost $4,000

1908: Two-room addition to Roosevelt completed. Cost $3,338

1910: Textbooks provided by the district for the first time

1912: Parents successfully petition to bring electricity to Roosevelt 

1912: Roosevelt installs outside toilets

1918: Parents successfully petition to bring gas, and extra electrical outlets to Roosevelt

1918: Parents bring two hot plates to Roosevet

1923: Second Roosevelt completed (The "Stucco Building). Cost $29,559

1925: Parents unsuccessfully petition to have transportation provided for children beyond the two-mile limit

1930: Bus transportation provided by district on a steady basis 

1930: (Circa) Herman Pfeiffer becomes Roosevelt Principal

1930: Roosevelt receives a portable

1940: Herman Pfeiffer, longtime principal, resigns. Walter Ingle appointed Roosevelt principal.

1945: Walter Ingle named Lincoln Principal. Wilfred Reeves named new principal at Roosevelt.

1946: Parents convinced school board that Roosevelt was overcrowded and that a new school should be built.

1949: Third Roosevelt completed. This was the first elementary replacement. Cost $491,080

1949: Enrollment at Roosevelt increases 47% from 269 in 1948 to 395 in 1949

1949: Teacher salaries double to $2,550 (New teachers)

1949: 7.1 Earthquake hit Olympia at 12:00 noon. Children sent home for rest of the day

1952: New addition to Roosevelt. Cost $154,524

1954: Roosevelt became first OSD school to provide parent-teacher conferences (1954-55 school year).

1954: Roosevelt completes a playshed

1954: Heating plant installed in the building. Old Roosevelt torn down. 

1954: Roosevelt deemed "best equipped elementary school" in the district. 

1955: Zonta Club sends a check for $221.55 to purchase equipment for the "Special Room" at Roosevelt. 

1962: Joyce Gillie takes over as principal from Bill Reeves.

1972: Discarded University of Washington "Astro-turf" was used as new carpeting in Roosevelt hallways.

1977: Joyce Gillie leaves Roosevelt in June 1977.

1977: John Weber becomes new Roosevelt principal.

1982: Dale Lien becomes new Roosevelt principal.

1987: Larry Ash becomes new Roosevelt principal.

1989: New Roosevelt School opens

1992: Britt Nederhood becomes Roosevelt Principal

1995: Sandra Treich-Shipman Principal.

1996: Mike McDonald becomes new Roosevelt Principal.

1998: Success For All (SFA) Reading Program adopted.

2006: Domenico Spatola-Knoll becomes new Roosevelt principal.

2008: Roosevelt becomes a "School of Distinction", one of only 83 state-wide.

2008: 100 Year Assembly, with unveiling of 100 Photograph. (March 12.)

2013: Sean Shaughnessy becomes new Roosevelt Principal.