Kelso's Choices

This program teaches children to distinguish between big problems (those that are unsafe, dangerous, against the law, or causes a child to feel safe or frightened), and small problems. The only solution for big problems is to report them to a trusted adult as soon as possible.

If it’s a small problem, students are encouraged to try at least two of the nine problem-solving strategies before reporting the problem to an adult. If, after two attempts the child is unsuccessful at solving the problem, it is time to ask an adult to help.

Problem-solving strategies include:

  • Go to another game or activity
  • Share and take turns
  • Respectfully talk it over and listen to each other
  • Ignore the problem behavior
  • Tell the person to stop the problem behavior
  • Apologize
  • Make a deal or compromise
  • Wait and cool off before attempting to solve the problem yourself.

Many Roosevelt families have found Kelso’s Choices to be useful for problem solving as well. We have provided a copy of the Kelso’s Choices Wheel for your use at home.

If you have any questions about this curriculum, please feel free to call Michele Zodrow at 360.596.6704.

Click on the picture above to download or print Kelso's Choices Wheel.