Pt. Blakely Virtual Forest Tour

Washington forest products


Nutrition sites for you and your family:

Brain Pop video - An Apple a Day

Nutrition, Food Groups, and eating a Balanced Diet

Choose "My Plate"...the USDA's website

Play a game - turn on your sound:)


Salmon Unit 

Salmon Life Cycle - "I will survive"

Fraser River Sockeye return

Salmon Life Cycle - Discovery Channel



Water Unit 

1 - Study Jams - Water Cycle

2 - COOL water cycle song

3 - Water cycle rap

4 - How are snowflakes formed?

5 - Video of snowflakes forming - Frozen Planet -


Snowflake matching game

Water Facts of Life

Matching Fun Facts game

Water Q. & A. game

Water cycle - Thirstin's water cycle site


Magnetism and Electricity Unit

StudyJams slide show

Bill Nye

Electricity game