Our Class

About Us


I don't know "about us" yet. We get to fill that in together. Right now there is just a little bit of a Gursky landscapelandscape. Maybe something like this one taken by Andreas Gursky, entitled Rhine II. What will we add to it? What will we take away? Where is the Rhine River?

It was printed only 6 times. The actual picture measures approximately 81 x 140 inches!

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We Write

One thing I know is that we're going to write a lot.

We Share

We learn (most times) together. We give presentations, we offer our opinions, our help, and we make a contribution.

We Argue

We will not always agree. That's ok. But when we don't, we need to justify our thinking. Why? How do you know that?

We Learn

This is our core mission. We don't all learn in the same ways but we're all here to learn - let's keep that central.