Spencer Olmsted

About Me


Hi, I'm Mr. Olmsted! My students sometimes call me Mr. O; adults call me Spencer. I came to Roosevelt in 2016, but I have been a teacher in the Olympia School District since 2006. I taught for three years at L.P. Brown and then spent seven years at PioneerMr. O (all of that in 5th grade). When I got to Roosevelt I taught 4th grade for a couple years, and then went back to 5th grade. Since 2020, I have been heading up the ALPS program for 4th/5th grades located here at Roosevelt!


I absolutely know where you (student you) are headed, and I'll help you get there. I have no idea where your parents are headed, but I'm happy to help them too.

I have lived in the Roosevelt neighborhood since 2009, so I may also be your neighbor! My son attended elementary school here, and is now at Nova Middle School.

Before I became a teacher I was a software developer in San Francisco. In that job I traveled all over the United States working at different companies for periods as short as a week all the way up to periods as long as a couple years. Interesting work, but it wasn't as interesting as a classroom full of kids.

I have lived in New York (where I was born), Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware, New Mexico, California, Montana, and now Washington State, where I have been since 2006. I have also traveled all over the world - in college I spent a semester in Zimbabwe!

Anyway, I'm glad to be a part of the Roosevelt/OSD family and I'm looking forward to working with you.


Some things I enjoy...

Geometry Image


 I am a keen observer (most of the time). I love the flow of a well-written story, the patterns in shapes and numbers, and the subtle systems and connections in the natural world. We will observe the world together and share what we notice. The group notices more than any single person: we are stronger together.

Picture of the beach


Whether it is mountains, beaches, or rivers, I love being in and exploring nature. The Pacific Northwest is an unbelievable playground for those who love the outdoors.



I love to play chess. I will teach you how to play high-quality chess. For a few years I played tournament chess, and even won a couple! Also - the picture above has maybe 3 major problems... can you tell what they are?